May  30, 2020

Episode 4: Starting A Political Minority Movement in a Predominately White Institution - Creating a Better Tomorrow - Manmit Singh Chahal

Juan Perez and Manmit (Manu) Singh Chahal discuss life as a 19 year old 2nd year 1st generation Desi-American Comparative Ethnic Studies student at Cal Poly SLO in today's episode.
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Dive into Manu's college decision process and how he ultimately chose Cal Poly SLO because he saw a struggle he wanted to be a part of. Manu jumps on any chance to use his voice and incite meaningful change. The opportunity to spur change at a predominately white institution was too good to pass up.

In 2020, his run for Student Body Government marked the beginning of a movement. His platform, The Coalition of Love, was met with early success and has big plans for the future. 

Manu truly embodies what it means to be a minority leader looking to create change and go against societal norms.

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