May  23, 2020

Episode 1: Introduction Episode - Minority Stories - The First Few Podcast

This is our introduction video to "The First Few Podcast", listen in to learn more about our podcast and what we are wanting to achieve. We will upload new videos every week.
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If you want to stay up-to-date on what we are working on follow us @firstfewpodcast. We want to spread the voices and stories of those who have been silenced. We hope to inspire and motivate those who will be the next generation of leaders.

The team's goal is to help spread the amazing, untold minority success stories. Our mission statement is as follows, “By using the power of storytelling, we will help guide minority individuals to regain and gain hope, motivation, and direction for their future.”

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Our podcast is a casual style interview that serves as a platform for minorities to share their journey and stories. Listen in to learn more about minorities and their stories. 

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