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Our podcast is a casual style interview that serves as a platform for BIPOC to share their journey and stories. Listen in to learn more about BIPOC and their stories. We hope to inspire and motivate others!
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September  3, 2020

Episode 16: Professional Mexican Boxer Inspires People to Get Up Again - Ruben Villa IV

Ruben Villa 4th is an American professional boxer who has held the WBO International featherweight title since 2019. He was a two-time U.S. National Golden Gloves champion. As of June 2020, he is ranked as the world's eighth best active featherweight by The Ring. In this episode, he talks about how he used his past and hometown to motivate himself to keep going. His story is one of hard work, resilience, and strength.

August  27, 2020

Episode 15: DON is coming for you . . . and your books - Diversify Our Narrative - Katie Chen

Katie Chen is behind one DON chapter and is leading the change in her district. Diversity Our Narrative (DON) is an organization trying to bring diversity into our school texts, mainly in English classes and history classes. This can mean adding more books with BIPOC characters, correct history books (showcasing more white supremacy), etc.

August  20, 2020

Episode 14: A Symphony of Leaders - Amplifying Voices That Deserve to Be Heard - Isaac Alferos

From being a leader to an advocate, Isaac is truly one of a kind. Listen to his episode today to learn more about his experiences!

August  13, 2020

Episode 13: Breaking the Barrier - Discussing the Misconceptions of Activism - Kenya Burton

Being and becoming and activist at such a young age, gives Kenya a new and in depth perception on what is going on around the world of social justice.

July  9, 2020

Episode 12: Scholarships, Social Standards, Stanford - Advice On Arriving and Thriving - Angela Gomez

With full ride offers from Stanford, Harvard, Princeton, Yale, and Dartmouth, Angela Gomez is nothing short of exceptional.

July  2, 2020

Episode 11: Politics as a POC - Past CSU Student President - Michael Wiafe

Michael Wiafe thinks big. He attributes his mindset to his experience as an immigrant. At only 9 months old he moved from Gimbi, Ethiopia to the inland empire.

June  25, 2020

Episode 10: Youngest Elected Official In Salinas - Creating Change With Politics - Anthony Rocha

Anthony Rocha is not your average 21 year old. He won his first election at just 19 years old and is running for Salinas City Council this fall!

June  21, 2020

Episode 9: Don't Let Rejections Stop You - Homelessness, 1.0 GPA, Low Income, Etc- Maritza Lopez

Maritza Lopez is a proud first generation woman of color who shares her story of adversity on this episode of The First Few.

June  17, 2020

Episode 8: A Unique Journey At Higher Education - Stepping Forward With Community College - Kaylee Benting

From a four year institution, to a community college, then back to four year college again, Kaylee has many twist in her story, but she has come out on the other end all the wiser.

June  11, 2020

Episode 7: Leading The Way For POC - Entering A Space Not Build For You - Ernesto Portillo

Ernesto`s parents are Mexican immigrants who have worked hard their entire lives to give him the opportunity of a better life through education.

June  6, 2020

Episode 6: College Ain’t Nothing But a Thing - Early Graduation, Honors, Etc - Brandon Roul

If anyone can tell you about the value of hard work, it’s Brandon Roul, our podcast guest today! 

June  4, 2020

Episode 5: Learning English at Fifteen - Surpassing Every Expectation - Angel Ramirez

In today’s episode, tune in for another story of hope, hard work, and overcoming.  Our guest, Angel Ramirez discusses the brutal realities of immigrating to America with host Juan Perez.

May  30, 2020

Episode 4: Starting A Political Minority Movement in a Predominately White Institution - Creating a Better Tomorrow - Manmit Singh Chahal

Juan Perez and Manmit (Manu) Singh Chahal discuss life as a 19 year old 2nd year 1st generation Desi-American Comparative Ethnic Studies student at Cal Poly SLO in today's episode.

May  30, 2020

Episode 2: An Improbable Stanford Graduate - Determined to Achieve - Mike Ponce, Facebook Global Lead

As a young man in Los Angeles, Mike always knew what he wanted to achieve: leave the rough neighborhood where he grew up.

May  30, 2020

Episode 3: Community College Is Just The Beginning - From Rejected To Accepted By A Four Year University - Nerina Campos Berkeley Bound

Meet this week's guest Nerina Campos: a 20 year old Latina immigrant currently finishing her second year at Hartnell College.

May  23, 2020

Episode 1: Introduction Episode - Minority Stories - The First Few Podcast

This is our introduction video to "The First Few Podcast", listen in to learn more about our podcast and what we are wanting to achieve. We will upload new videos every week.

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