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Stories about everyday women who have inspired our lives. Created by English students at Escuela Nacional Preparatoria 9 from UNAM.
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Andrea Regina Español Pérez-407-B. Her name is Maria Luisa Enriquez Garduño or as I call her “Malu”, she was born August 19 1947. She used t ...
March 16, 2021 | S1:E

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March  16, 2021

Episode : My Greatest Inspiration

Andrea Regina Español Pérez-407-B. Her name is Maria Luisa Enriquez Garduño or as I call her “Malu”, she was born August 19 1947. She used to live in a house made of adobe; around there was a lot of vegetation such as trees, flowers, plants, etc. Taking advantage of the environment they survived planting different seeds as well as selling their products. She looked up to her mom because she had a strong character but due to was a town with a considerable distance from the city there was a lot of sexism which lead to her mom being submissive and obey her husband without a complain; her parents were analfabet and humble people which made difficult to try getting ahead 9 children.

March  10, 2021

Episode : Fighting with a man’s world

A Podcast Driver 403-B In the present, women are fighting for equity and equal rights between men and women, in addition to the eradication of gender and domestic violence, something that before, we could never have imagined My name is Diego and today we are going to talk about the sexism that the women live in the past, this, from the point of view of our guest, a woman that need to be strong,and had to go against stereotypes and canons of women. First i am going to talk about her life, she was a little and normal girl that played with dolls, studying and helping with her parents business. She tells us that her childhood was a little sad because she had authoritarian parents that didn't let her do many things when she was a child “because she was a woman” nowadays, we know that that is sexism . Nevertheless she was able to earn an universitary education and a diploma in managerial marketing. She is now a food chemist and gives training in important organisms like SAGARPA, she works in Mexico Calidad Suprema, work in which she was envied by the same women who were marked by ideologies that they couldn't do high-position activities, so when she reached a high position, and showing them that she could, they began to give her problems and make her work more difficult, so we can conclude that the sexism is also being practiced by women. Today the women opportunities still being a few, but we also advanced (by the fightings of rights and all the work the women do now for these) in eradicate this behaviors that don't let us the progress as a society

March  10, 2021

Episode : My Grandma's Story

Kiara Milena Sanchez Calderon 403. Hi everyone! Welcome to my podcast, today we’re gonna talk about the history of my grandma Micaela Calderon Hernandez, she was born in Mexico City,her mother was 13 when she got her, she was the third of six siblings, three of those siblings were half siblings. When she was born she adopted her uncle's last name, because she never knew her dad. She live her childhood at Peralvillo and her last scholar level was primary school; her mother was a single mother so sometimes she doesn’t have enough money to support her sibling so she send my grandma to a convent for a while until my grandmother was 17 years she get married with my grandpa, they have 10 siblings but two of them died when they were babies. My grandparents had a fabric of mosaics they used to work a lot, my grandma move to the USA when her third grandouther born, a few years later she got the citizenship of USA, but she still living on Mexico, my grandpa is an alcoholic so he went aggressive with my grandma , she took the decision to get the divorce and get out of there with no money or employee; she also had the responsibility of my mom, at that time my mom was a teenager they move to Xochimilco in very tiny apartment, my mom and my grandma need to work a lot to have the enough money to live. They live there for a quiet time, after a couple of years they decide to remodel and adapt a ground as departments, they begin to live on the rents. Now my grandma has his own house and is still living on those rents. In our days the opportunities are getting better but the fight for equity of oportunitues for women still alive, she suffer from sexism, violence and gender discrimination, unfortunatly this is the reality of lots of women in our contry, but we’re brave, our voice is being heard. My grandma is convinced that this situation can and will be changed.

March  9, 2021

Episode : An Interview With Lourdes Murias de Alba

Hi everyone, in this podcast I did an interview with one of the people I most admire in my family, my aunt, Lourdes Murias de Alba, or simple as I call her, Lulis. She is one of the smartest people I know, every time I talk to her, the conversation turns into a super interesting talk and she always has good advice to give to help me and make me reflect. She studied mechanical engineering, and for several years she worked for important companies, but today she runs her own business, a toy store, in which each toy is made of wood, by hand and each toy is unique and special. So let's hear what she told us with some questions that I prepared for her...

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