"Emotions aside"
Podcast by: Anthony Adam Trujillo

I want to create a podcast the invites a perspective,opinions, views, idealogies culturally influenced views to be shared open mindedly . Provide if not already having agreed with said individual partaking and participating in the clarification of said matter. I want to provide people with awareness. As well as show explain and provide reputable sources and or books
from an outsider who's view may appose, contradict or perhaps be unknowingly connected without having been provided such knowledge or posseses the resources too do ao. I would like the listeners and participate to enter and or listen with an open mind. Wiling to be challenged and expanded. I mind desiring to learn instead of being restrained to views and forcefed perspectives by the products of their environment ! Assist people to not become a product of their environment if they seem to be provide confidence and drive to be the most desires product of that environment.
I Also want it to be very clear I am not trying to teach or preach just excercise my freedom of speech and just as I speak their voices are just as if not more important then my own. I ,beg and invite as well as offer all idiologies ,phylisophical, perspective too challenge my own redirect me to readable , audible , or visual evidence inwhich what I may such Fact to Be false! I want to be one with The people the people to be one with me. So we can all be one with eachother!
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