April  20, 2021

Viaje por Praga

Nuestro recorrido por el Imperio Austro-Húngaro llega a su destino final. Una ciudad que sobresale a la vista, su arquitectura majestuosa y una banda sonara de música clásica y jazz. Conoceremos Praga, cruzando el Puente de Carlos sobre el Moldava y encontrándonos en la Plaza de Wenceslao, el epicentro histórico de Chequia. Al mismo tiempo, seguiremos las huellas literarias de Franz Kafka y Milan Kundera.

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Add episode content

Hey friends, hope you’re doing well. I tried to do a little more writing for you for this week’s episode.

I spent too much time reading Twitter and following the news this week, and by the time Friday rolled around, my brain was hurting and I decided to take a break.

Putting away the phone and laptop for most of Friday evening and Saturday helped reset and recenter me, and I decided to share a few things that have helped me keep moving throughout the wild changes of March 2020.

I hope this episode helps you, and as always, I’m here to talk if you need someone to talk to.

March 29, 2020

1. - Text or Call a Friend

I’m learning to up my friend game right now. Make a list of every person that matters and text them. - @Rogie

Exactly what we should all be doing every day. Friends bring comfort and support, and both are necessary for this moment in history.

2. - Stronger Connections and File Sharing

I know that for 99% of my world right now, I’m in a privileged position and deeply thankful for it. The 1% I’m missing is internet connectivity. I cannot get it (access + infrastructure) - and as we are a remote working household this is absolutely not ok. 1/ - @TheElsieEscobar

Read this thread. Everyone needs reliable internet, and throttling shouldn’t be a thing in 2020.

To all of you creating content and resources, please, PLEASE think of the end user. Note how large files sizes are and if there is anything at all that you can do to have an option of making them smaller or providing a smaller size option 11/

If you do have to share large audio files with other people (a podcast editor, for example), consider creating and sharing 320 or 256kbps MP3 files for your raw audio. They’re smaller and take less time and bandwidth, and still sound good enough (even after editing) to be the final episode file.

Speaking of final episode files, the final episode audio file you upload to your podcast hosting platform should be between 64kbps and 128kbps MP3 files. In light of recent events, I’d recommend trying 64kbps if you haven’t yet. The reduction in size will be greatly appreciated by folks who have slower or limited internet connections.